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What is the Ombudsman’s remit?

Published on July 3, 2013

The AMF Ombudsman can be approached by any saver, retail investor or professional (company, non-profit association, pension fund, etc.) that has an individual dispute with a financial intermediary or an issuer.

Votre litige est-il éligible à la médiation de l'AMF ?

Votre différend entre-t-il dans le champ de compétence du Médiateur de l'AMF ? Avez-vous effectué les démarches préalables nécessaires avant de le saisir ? La réponse dans cette infographie dynamique, réalisée en partenariat avec La Finance pour tous (IEFP).

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What situations can give rise to mediation?

The Ombudsman can be involved in any dispute that comes within the AMF’s jurisdiction. This includes:

  • financial product marketing
  • asset management
  • transmission and reception of stock market orders
  • account keeping services for a security account, personal equity plan, etc.

What situations are outside the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction?

The AMF Ombudsman’s Office has no jurisdiction in the areas of taxation, life insurance or banking (savings passbooks, term deposits, home savings plans, loans). Furthermore, it does not advise on individual investment opportunities or on whether a financial intermediary has made an appropriate choice. Neither can it intervene in an issue that is already the subject of legal proceedings.

To help you with problems that you might have with foreign firms, the existing national complaint schemes for financial services have joined together in a cooperation network called: the cross-border out-of-court complaints network for financial services (FIN-NET).

To make sure your case comes within the AMF Ombudsman’s remit, contact AMF Epargne Info Service on +33(0) 1 5345 6200 between 9 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Who to turn to if your dispute concerns:
> banking or life insurance: contact Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel (ACP). Assurance Banque info Service on 0 811 901 801 (France only)
> tax: contact your tax office or Direction de la Législation Fiscale (DLF). "Impôts-Service" on 0810 467 687.

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